“Less is more” (borrowed from the late architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe) defines what we hold most dear about the lake, the resort, our guests, and the surrounding environment.

The cabins and their furnishings are simple, and that simplicity can remind us that we can have intense satisfaction and enjoyment without a luxurious built setting. The lake and the shoreline are inherently luxurious.

We believe that it is our duty to tread lightly on the natural environment, and we are always conscious of the impact our choices make on that environment. Less waste, less noise, less visual and physical disturbance … result in MORE ability to hear the waves, see the wildlife, wander the shoreline in peace, or have an intimate conversation on your deck.

We ask that you, our guests, aid us in the stewardship of this beautiful region. Please think about what you use and how you use it while you are here. We are not connected to city water or sewer, so all the water that goes down a drain runs through our septic system to the mounds we have for re-absorption (those septic mounds boast gorgeous lupines in late June and early July). The deep well on our property is tested twice a year, and provides cold, clean, delicious water. Drink the water here!

If you have any suggestions as to policies or products we might use, please share them with us.