The Lake

At Bob’s Cabins, without a doubt the greatest natural attraction is out there in front of you. The largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior is also the coldest, deepest, and still the purest. The depth of Lake Superior explains some of its bragging rights. Lake Superior contains ten percent of the world’s fresh water and one-half of the water in the Great Lakes. The volume of its water, three quadrillion (that’s 3,000,000,000,000,000) gallons, is hard to grasp. To try, first visualize the entire area of North and South America. Lake Superior contains enough water to flood it all with one foot of water. It is deep.

Cooler by the lake

The weather is one reason many people come to the North Shore. The large mass of water out there is a huge heat sink. The water holds summer heat through the winter and winter cold through the summer. Although the surface water may freeze over in winter and sometimes get into the high 60s on a hot, calm August day, the average water temperature down below does not vary much from 40 degrees. Generally it is cooler by the lake in summer and warmer by the lake in the winter.

During May and June, when the inland areas bask in spring sun, the shore can have parts of days shrouded in fog. Spring fogs occur when warm air flows out over the cold lake and the moisture in it condenses. Sometimes the fog will surround Bob’s and retreat again several times in one day, creating a surreal experience that everyone cherishes. In July and August guests often arrive from Minneapolis in shorts and T-shirts with the air conditioner still on. If there is a breeze off the lake they’re in pants and sweaters soon after checking in.

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