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Two Harbors, only 4 miles from Bob’s Cabins, has most of the services a visitor needs – groceries, gas, bait, clothing, churches, hospital, drugstore, auto repair, gift shops, laundromats, restaurants and a microbrewery.
It also has a historic harbor with lighthouse and breakwater, the wonderful Lake County Historical Society Museum, golfing, tennis courts, library, boat launch and campground, and a Visitor Information Center to help you find all the sights and special events. In addition, Two Harbors is the headquarters of The Superior Hiking Trail.

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At Bob’s Cabins, without a doubt the greatest natural attraction is out there in front of you. The largest of the Great Lakes, Lake Superior is also the coldest, deepest, and still the purest. The depth of Lake Superior explains some of its bragging rights. Lake Superior contains ten percent of the world’s fresh water and one-half of the water in the Great Lakes. The volume of its water, three quadrillion (that’s 3,000,000,000,000,000) gallons, is hard to grasp. To try, first visualize the entire area of North and South America. Lake Superior contains enough water to flood it all with one foot of water. It is deep.

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Mountain Bike



For those who love wilderness adventure, the Superior Hiking Trail is becoming one of the greatest attractions in the upper mid-west.

Over 200 miles of the trail have been completed along the Sawtooth Ridge, which roughly follows the North Shore of Lake Superior.

The U.S. Forest Service has named it “one of the twelve best trails in the national forests,” and Backpacker Magazine cites it as “one of the 10 great ones” that “leaves all others in the dust.”

If you like to bike, the Northshore offers many options. Off road bike trails start 12 miles from Bob’s Cabins. The paved shoulders of the Scenic Drive serve as a designated bike route between Duluth and Two Harbors. Cyclers can stop and swim in one of several rivers which feed into the lake between Two Harbors and Duluth. The city of Duluth takes pride in its Mountain Biking trails. There is a lot to explore for biking enthusiasts.

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