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Bob’s Cabins came into existence in the 1920s as Jacobson’s Cabins, when a new road opened the North Shore to tourist traffic. One of the early attractions of the North Shore, besides its scenic beauty, was an escape from dust and pollution for people with hay fever and asthma. Some families stayed all summer, every year, and fairly intimate communities developed at various resorts. Over 150 rental cabins were built here in the Larsmont area alone. Now only three dozen remain.

Ingvald (“Jake”) Jacobson’s cabins began as 20 one-room structures along the lake at the edge of an open pasture.

Bob and Doris Sansom bought the resort from Jake in 1948 and they changed the name to Bob’s Cabins. They operated a modest but widely respected resort for 29 years. Bob made significant changes by joining cabins and making larger structures, adding porches, plaster boarding interiors, and then adding bathrooms and a water supply. Peg Morris and Ed Landin bought the land and cabins from the Sansoms in 1977.

Peg and Ed really nurtured the environment at Bob’s. They planted trees and flowers, began to add decks to the cabins, thoughtfully placed tea and bookmarks in each cabin (we still do!) and wrote the original “News from Bob’s Cabins” brochure.

In 1993 Bill Guse bought the resort. Bill continued to run Bob’s Cabins with the same care and philosophy he inherited from Peg and Ed. Retaining the older, simpler character and pace of the resort with the cooperation of its guests. 

In 2020 Laura and Jim Goodman bought the resort and have pledged to continue operating the resort upon the foundation of its previous owners. Jim's first experience at Bob's was as a 14 year old boy hired by Bill to mow the lawn, help with maintence and cleaning. He is thrilled to return to the resort as one of its new owners.

Less is more at Bob’s Cabins. The natural environment is what makes this region special, and we try very hard never to forget the impact that our choices make on that environment.

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